Honda Motorcycles Interceptor VTR250
Honda Motorcycles Interceptor VTR250
1999 Honda
Interceptor VTR250'88 The Honda Interceptor VTR250'88 (VTR250L'88 in California) was sold in 1988. Two colors were available: Black with Brad Blue and Ross White with Brad Blue. The black bike had pink and blue side stripes, while the white model had blue side stripes. In both model colors, the top of the fuel tank, seat, and wheels were blue. The engine was a 249cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC V-twin with a 6-speed transmission. The California serial number began JH2MC1519JM000001 while the rest of the United States models began JH2MC150XJM000001.
VTR250'89 The VTR250'89 VTR was sold in 1989, but was no longer called an Interceptor. It came in one color: Ross White with Florida Blue and Holiday Blue. The front fender and fairing stripe were holiday blue. The side stripe were Holiday Blue. The side stripes and "VTR" logo were magenta. The wheels were white. The swingarm was black. The top of the gas tank was Florida Blue. The serial number began JH2MC150*KM100001
VTR250'90 The VTR250'90 was sold in 1990 in Ross White with Nordic Blue. The stripes and "VTR" decal were blue with magenta. The front wheel was 17". The front disc brakes were external. The serial number began JH2MC150*LM200001
Honda Motorcycles Interceptor VTR250
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