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Aprilia RS50 Race Decal Set
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Aprilia RS50 Race Decal Set
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Aprilia RS50 Race Decal Set
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Aprilia RS50 Race Decal Set 1999 Rossi Style comprising

3 x Number 46
2 x Nastro Azzurro
2 x Playstation
2 x Boxed Diesel
2 x Diesel
2 x Horizontal Dunlop
2 x Vertical Dunlop
2 x Large Boxed Aprilia
2 x Small Boxed Aprilia
2 x Export Larger Birra Berr
2 x j
12 x Stripes
2 x Aprilia Racing
2 x Racing
2 x small graphics
2 x Domino
2 x Biofox
3 x Medium Boxed IP
1 x Small Boxed IP
2 x USAG
1 x Breil
2 x Radio Deejay
2 x Simax
2 x Dellorto

When you choose a redueced size the entire kit is shrunk to that size so if for example a decal was 10 inches long when you choose 80% it will be 8 inches long

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Complete Aprilia RS 50 Race Decal Set
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